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EUHT Standardization

《Media access control and physical layer specification for high speed WLAN in remote communication and information exchange between systems》


This standard specifies medium and high speed wireless LAN media access control and physical layer specification, including system reference model, media access control layer structure, media access control layer frame format, media access control layer function, physical layer, etc. This standard is applicable to the design, development and production of medium and high speed WLAN systems.

《Real-time video transmission systems between roadside and vehicle for urban rail transit》


Based on EUHT technology with roadside and vehicle real-time transmission of more than 20 channels high-definition video, develop leading application standards to solve the anti-terrorism inside the car and security blind spots, build a unified vehicle communication platform for the next generation of CBTC, PIDS, passenger Internet services, automatic driving, long-distance driving, rail transit industry interconnection and so on.

《Special short-range communication for cooperative Intelligent Transportation System》


快3彩票Develop China's own advantages and technical standards for the next generation of intelligent traffic, with low latency (milliseconds), high reliability (switching success rate of nearly 100%), high-capacity and ultra-high throughput, fully beyond domestic and foreign similar technology. Standard for broadband wireless communication system for transportation which will be applied in highways, airports, harbors, waterways and etc. is formulated according to this national standard


快3彩票*EUHT roadside equipments and vehicle equipments in accordance with the relevant standards have completed the performance verification in Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport test field in 2014.

《High spectrum efficiency and high throughput wireless LAN technical specification》


快3彩票Established China's independent intellectual property rights of ultra-high-speed wireless LAN standards, the technical system is fully autonomous controlled, with no chip-level back door, much better than 802.11ac and 4G-LTE on algorithm and performance. With better high-speed mobile adaptability, greater data transmission bandwidth, higher spectrum utilization and more stable roaming switching performance, EUHT can support high reliability, high throughput and ultra broadband communications under high speed.

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