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Nufront Participated in MWC 2019 with “the World First Commercial Application Deployment 5G URLLC Wireless Communication Technology and Chips”

From February 25th to 28th 2019, the world’s most authoritative exhibition of communication-Mobile World Congress (MWC), was held in Barcelona, Spain. This exhibition gathered high-tech manufacturers from all over the world to show their latest technologies and products. 5G technology is one of the main topics on this exhibition.


Nufront, a Chinese high-tech private company, exhibited “the world first commercial application deployment ultra reliable, low latency communications (URLLC) wireless communication system and chips”-EUHT-5G (Enhanced Ultra High Throughput-5th Generation) technology in MWC 2019. 

快3彩票Figure 1: The Exhibition Booth of Nufront in MWC 2019


Since German proposed the concept of “Industrial 4.0”, 5G (5th快3彩票 Generation mobile communication) was highly expected by all of the world. Compared with 4G, 5G not only aims to provide a faster Internet speed (eMBB, enhanced Mobile Broadband), it is more important to realize ultra reliable, low latency communications (URLLC), and further supports the applications of Industrial Internet and Internet of Vehicles. However, in recent years, the development of 5G is far away from the expectations. The standardization progress of URLLC technical has been delayed again and again. The relevant industrialization deployment still has a long way to go. The reason is URLLC is the most important, critical, and difficult part of 5G technology and other manufacturers still cannot break through this problem. In MWC 2019, almost no other manufacturers showed their technology and development in this field.


Nufront’s EUHT-5G URLLC technology represents the world’s leading level in this field. It not only has completely broken through the core problem of URLLC technology, but also has been large-scale applied in high-speed railways, metros, industrial interconnection, Internet of Vehicles and wide-area broadband coverage since 2015. Because of this achievement, Nufront was awarded ‘Technology Innovation Award: The World’s First Deployed URLLC Wireless Communication System and SoC’ in ISSCC 2019.

Figure 2: ISSCC Technology Innovation Award


The exhibition booth of Nufront attracted lots of professionals from all over the world. After understanding the characteristics and applications of this technology, visitors expressed praise. At the same time, system integrators, solution providers, and professionals from Sweden, Britain, France, Spain, Russia, Pakistan, and other countries expressed the hope to have a deeper understanding of this technology and further cooperation opportunities with Nufront. In addition, the representatives of Nufront also accepted interviews from Xinhua News Agency and other media agencies to introduce the latest development and applications of EUHT-5G URLLC technology. 

快3彩票Figure 3: British Professional Communicates with the Technician of Nufront


快3彩票Figure 4: Spanish Professional Communicates with the Technician of Nufront


Figure 5: Russian Professional Communicates with the Technician of Nufront

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