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Nufront EUHT Technology was exhibited in Digital China Summit

From April 21st to 25th, the 1st Digital China Summit was held in Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center (FSICEC). This exhibition  focuses on the latest achievements of digital China, especially China's electronic government development and digital economy development since the 18th快3彩票 national congress of the Communist Party Of China. Nufront EUHT technology was exhibited in this exhibition, which can be used in intelligence Internet of vehicles and industrial interconnection.


快3彩票This technology is named as Enhanced Ultra High Throughput (EUHT), which was independently researched and developed by Nufront. According to the introduction, this technology has been patented 52 for Chinese and international inventions and has been set as three Chinese national and industry technical standards. Nufront  achieved the global leadership of intellectual property in the strategic level of wireless communication technology. At the same time, under the national support, Nufront has been putting large sums of money on EUHT for many years. Based on EUHT technology, they independently developed a full range of core chips, and other key equipment, such as base stations, routers, switches, data processing equipment and storage device. These equipment has already realized the large-scale industrialized application in the high speed rail, metro, highway and rural wireless broadband.


When global communication operators and manufacturers are trying to introduce 5G technology, Nufront EUHT technology has already solved the technological problems of 5G challenge on the Internet of vehicles. In addition, it will speed up the creation of new industrial ecology, such as the intelligent manufacturing and the next generation of high speed railway. Industrial interconnection issue is the difficulty of global 5G technology research and development at present. The international communication standardization organization has not formed the technical scheme draft, and even has not chosen the technical route. However, Nufront EUHT technology has gained the world leading position in this field, which has already reached and exceeded the demand of future Internet of vehicle with the characteristic of high reliability, low latency, low retransmission and large capacity. From IP to the full commercialization of chips and equipments, this technology will provide a good support for the high reliability and low latency Internet of vehicles technology like 5G standard.


In Digital China Summit, Nufront EUHT technology and its industry solutions attracted great attention from leaders and experts.


As a world leading technology, EUHT technology is already in commercial use. Since 2014, EUHT technology has been tested and verified in China's high-speed railways, metros, highways and rural areas. In 2016, EUHT technology has been applied in Beijing-Tianjin Intercity High-Speed railway and rural wireless broadband industrialization in Guangdong province. The industrialization application of Guangzhou metro and Guangzhou-Shenzhen expressway was completed in 2017. In December 2017, EUHT technology was applied in Guangzhou metro Line 14. Under the speed of 120km/h, the EUHT system realized the real-time transmission of 30-channel HD video in single train. Compared with EUHT, 4G technology only can realize the two -way transmission. The technical performance of the EUHT is 15 times of 4G technology.


Experts claim that the EUHT technology surpasses the regular path of 5G technology standard, which was proposed by the international communication standardization organization. It advances three years to achieve the 5G application scenarios with  high reliability, low latency (uRLLC) and high capacity. At the same time, EUHT technology plays an important role in the development of Internet of vehicle and intelligent industrial interconnection.


快3彩票The development of China's digital economy is entering the fast lane. With the introduction of follow-up policies and the continuous application of new technologies, the construction of “digital China” will also enter the peak period. At present, China's artificial intelligence, 5G technology, Internet of things and other technologies have been gradually mature, relevant applications also began to enter the stage of large-scale deployment and application. Nufront continues to accelerate the development of EUHT technology to ensure the world leading technical performance. At the same time, Nufront is comprehensively expanding the industrial application of EUHT technology, especially the application of intelligent Internet of vehicles and industrial interconnection, which will support the construction of digital China.



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