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EUHT Technology as Internet of Vehicles National Standard was exhibited in ITS Asia2018

May 28th - 30th 2018, ITS Asia 2018 was held in Beijing International Exhibition Center. At present, information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and "Internet plus" are becoming more and more mature, this exhibition will show some new technologies, new products and new solutions in the field of intelligent transportation, road traffic safety, intelligent highways, public transport, transportation informatization, smart parking, Internet of vehicle, and Intelligent Connected Vehicle(ICV). Nufront joined this exhibition with EUHT technology, which meets the requirements of high reliability and low latency of the future Internet of vehicle.

EUTH technology was proposed by Nufront in 2008. It has been developed for over 10 years. This technology has been patented 52 for Chinese and international inventions and has been set as three Chinese national and industry technical standards. Nufront  achieved the global leadership of intellectual property in the strategic level of wireless communication technology. At the same time, under the national support, Nufront has been putting large sums of money on EUHT for many years. Based on EUHT technology, they independently developed a full range of core chips, and other key equipment, such as base stations, routers, switches, data processing equipment and storage device. 

Three scenarios for future 5G applications include eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband), uRLLC (Ultra Reliable & Low Latency Communication) and mMTC (massive Machine Type of Communication). Unlike other companies that focus on consumer markets such as eMBB, Nufront focuses on areas such as rail transit, intelligent Internet of vehicle and industrial interconnection, which have high requirements of reliability and transmission delay. That means, Nufront is mainly focus on the uRLLC scenario. Compared with eMBB, uRLLC improves the transmission reliability from 90% to 99.999%, and reduces the transmission delay from 200ms to 10ms. 3GPP has already put the related standard formulation work into 2019 or even later, but the Nufront EUHT technology has overcame the core technical challenges of the 5G applications. In 2014, EUHT technology has been set as China Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems Wireless Communication Standard, and has started commercial applications in rail transit.


In December 2017, EUHT technology was applied in Guangzhou metro Line 14. Under the speed of 120km/h, the EUHT system realized the real-time transmission of 30-channel HD video in single train. Compared with the EUHT system, the 4G technology only can realize the two -way transmission. The technical performance of the EUHT system is 15 times of 4G technology.


As far as China is concerned, the scale of communication market in the transportation industry is enough to construct a standard system and industrial ecology. Through independent research and development, Nufront has mastered the EUHT technology and manufactured a full set of vehicle-to-road cooperative wireless communication equipment, which provides a good condition for industrial ecology construction. In the future, driven by the development of technology, Nufront will continuously improve its performance in high reliability, low delay, large capacity, vehicle-to-ground communication and vehicle-to-vehicle communication aspects. It will not only serve the communication needs of current intelligent transportation market , but also focus on the future era of unmanned vehicle.



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