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Internet of Things Solution


快3彩票Nufront IoT NL6621 solution is a cost-effective, fully open source, high-maturation solution designed specifically for high data throughput, low-cost wireless LAN products. It integrates MCU, MAC, 1T1R baseband and RF transceiver with amplifier on one chip. The NL6621 supports 802.11b/g/n/i/e/p and Wi-Fi direct, BSS STA, soft AP, and WiFi protection settings. It also supports WMM-PS and WPA/WPA2 security protocols.

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Detailed introduction

快3彩票The NL6621 acts both as a slave device controlled by the host processor and as a independent WLAN device that does not require any other processor. It supports common interfaces, such as QuadSPI, standard SPI, I2C, UART, GPIO, I2S audio, and PWM audio. The NL6621M can be directly connected to a wide range of peripherals such as speakers, cameras, flash memory, and LCD monitors. Rich Internet protocols such as TCP/IP, UPD, and HTTP have been integrated into the NL6621M. High-performance wireless transmission, rich interface and protocol support make the NL6621M the best choice for single-chip solutions such as wireless audio, wireless video, wireless smart home and wireless medical.

The NL6621 solution has the following features:
High cost performance

The NL6621 integrates WiFi, 160MHz ARM Cortex-M3 and 448KB RAM, high integration, powerful performance, rich interface and strong scalability.

Fully open source

NL6621 Standard_SDK source code is completely open, including OS, BSP, TCP/IP, WiFi and other component source code.Product level WiFi-Uart_SDK, wit cloud SDK and other source code is completely open.

Strong technical support

快3彩票Nufront is a domestic chip manufacturer with technical teams in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong, providing superior technical support to customers.

High maturity

快3彩票Since the mass production in August 2013, NL6621 chip has matured and has a shipment volume of over one million.

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